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  • Rivendell Socks
  • Salida Socks
  • Hedera socks
  • Leyburn Socks
  • Top down Raglan cardigan
  • Feather and Fan Shawl
  • Kauni Sweater
    85% done
  • Dunaad
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November 21, 2007



LOL........boy you'll do anything for fiber, won't you? Of course, so would I. Cashmere fiber? OMG! To die for. Good for you on your endeavor, keep on spinning and knitting.
I like the Kauni cardigan. Mine is in the frog pond until after Christmas.

Laura Neal

My DH has bought a book to make me a spinning wheel. He can't justify spending $2000 on something I want. He bought that damn tv for that and more but, won't spend it on me! Men! Grr.
Love your sweater, I bet you were sweating bullets over that steek cutting. I would have been!
I would be sneaking towards that cashmere fiber to love all over it. Too bad you can't lick it to claim it as yours like a piece of good chocolate! :0D


I just happened on to your blog and I am dying to know where you are. I moved 2 weeks ago to Houston and don't know anyone who knits (and would love to learn to spin). Are you here? Pls email if you have time. My email address is: sba13221 at flash dot net. My plan is to try start meeting some crafty people after the holidays but I have no idea how to do that!! Thanks, Sally

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